Lewis Denham-Parry

Lewis Denham-Parry Co-Founder of Cloud Native Wales

Twitter @denhamparry

Lewis works as a .Net consultant in the world of Containers and more recently Kubernetes.

Before that he worked in the FinTech sector with a number of start-ups (one was initially based out of his Parents garage). Since then, his work has taken him around Europe and the US, he has a passion for learning new things in the fast-paced tech world and connecting with people involved with it.

He recently co-founded Cloud Native Wales, an initiative to help people learn Cloud Native technologies and establish a community to support each other. When he's not playing with tech, he's busy trying to understand the logic of a toddler, getting taken for a walk by a dog and spending time with his family (preferably on a ski slope).

Follow Lewis on his personal Twitter @denhamparry and Cloud Native Wales @cloudnativewal, also check out his website denhamparry.co.uk.

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