Exploring C# 8: The Deep Dive

In January 2017, Microsoft open-sourced the C# language on GitHub. This included the proposals and prototyping, specifications and meetings... C# is constantly evolving and as a .NET developer it's important to know what new features are being added to the language.

We will cover all the new C# 8 features:

  • Async streams
  • Nullable reference types
  • Advances in pattern matching
  • Static locals
  • Using declarations
  • Ranges and Indices
  • Default Interface Methods
  • Target Type New Expressions

While some of these features are truly innovative and could be hugely beneficial, this talk is not without bias! I empathize with the developer community and not only understand, but can relate to limitations of development efforts imposed by business restrictions. This talk is opininated and doesn't simply boast all the features as being something that should be adopted.