Modern Web Testing: Going Beyond Selenium

As the marketplace was learning to accept the web as a major delivery platform, Selenium WebDriver became a number one testing tool for many software engineers across the globe. The very success of Agile as a methodology for delivering working software quickly hinges on the use of tools like Selenium WebDriver and other flavors of Selenium like Protractor, Appium, and WebdriverIO. Join Dmitry as he clears away many of the misconceptions and clarifies the differences between variations of Functional and Visual UI Automation libraries.

During his session, he will demonstrate the use of a right tool for the right problem. For example, Dmitry will show how Protractor and Selenium fit in scenarios concerning Single Page Application, and when Responsive Design comes into play. The goal of Dmitry’s presentation is for those attending to walk away with a clear understanding of when to use each of the types of Automation Frameworks. Understanding the pros and cons of the most popular and widely used flavors Selenium allows you to make an educated decision on which tool to use when.