Workshop: Building RESTful APIs with ASP.NET Core and C#

This workshop is all about implementing a scalable, performant, testable, and robust API solution using ASP.NET Core and C#. We’ll start with the fundamentals of REST and REST API design, including design considerations for a multitude of use cases, no matter if you’re creating single-page applications, mobile apps, or simply exposing your data for integration. Then, we’ll dive into a series of hands-on exercises designed to get you up and running on building RESTful APIs using ASP.NET Core and C#. Finally, we’ll review essential tools within the API development ecosystem that are designed to help you test, maintain, deploy, and document your API - all in just a couple of days!

From the developer who’s never worked with a RESTful API (or an API of that kind for any matter!) to a seasoned API developer, this workshop will have something for everyone! Come prepared to learn and practice implementing an API that can be used to back systems of all kinds.


  • API Design best practices and important considerations
  • Intro to ASP.NET Core API development
  • Designing responses back to the client and implementing them
  • Using CQRS to create a testable, scalable API development experience
  • Versioning your API - exploring the API life cycle and building your project for versioning success
  • Securing your API - considerations and techniques
  • Testing your API using Postman’s test platform and ASP.NET Core’s integration testing framework
  • Building/deploying your API to the cloud
  • Documenting your API using OpenAPI/Swagger tooling

Who should attend
This workshop is geared towards anyone who has or might soon be working on, or are wanting to build an API.

Basic knowledge of HTTP and some existing knowledge of C# is required.

Computer setup
A laptop with the latest .NET Core SDK installed and your favorite IDE (I’ll be walking through examples using Visual Studio Code).