Workshop: Cloud Native Application Architectures

In this workshop, you'll learn about cloud-native application architectural patterns. These will include common patterns such as layered, event-driven, microservices and even traditional client-server. The twist is that with the ever-growing number of public cloud services, you now need to understand when to use what and, more importantly, how best to combine services you consume with those you code.

In a small group workshop format, you'll work with your team to design, justify and present your architectures. You'll combine the knowledge of all participants by building and sharing. We'll select and integrate best-fit services from all major public cloud vendor offerings in order to meet your particular scenario requirements.


  • Software Architecture
  • Serverless Architecture
  • Cell-based Architecture
  • Distributed Container Management

Who should attend

Software Architects, Developers and DevOps professionals


You will get the most out of this workshop if you have some experience designing, developing and deploying a number of software applications to production

Computer setup

AWS or GCP account optional. Most workshop (design) activities will be done with whiteboards and markers.