Room 2 

09:00 - 17:00 


1 Day

.NET Core as Cloud Native

This workshop will take advantage of the knowledge you have as an ASP.NET Core developer building world-class web apps, but show you how you can transition into using both Docker and Kubernetes to containerize your application components as microservices and take advantage of Azure services so that you don't have to build everything from scratch.


We'll start where you are - using the .NET CLI and Visual Studio family of tools - and you'll learn how, with a multitude of services like Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure Container Registry and Azure Container Instances that streamline container-based workflows, Azure is the best place to orchestrate your container-based apps. You'll use Azure App Configuration to enable portal-based configuration your entire Kubernetes cluster and the Application Insights SDKs and Azure Monitor to monitor everything.

The whole workshop will be performed using a combination of familiar developer tools like Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code to develop and debug live in the cloud, but with an arsenal of new tools and extensions like Azure Dev Spaces and the Kubernetes tools for Visual Studio Code. Once you're done with this hands-on workshop, you'll have practical, hands-on experience filling in the gaps in how you can begin transitioning towards thinking of .NET not just as a web developer, but as a cloud-native developer.


To make the most out of your time in the workshop, it would be best to come armed with the following tools and resources

Brady Gaster

Brady Gaster is a senior program manager in the ASP.NET team at Microsoft, where he works on SignalR, microservices and APIs, and integration with Azure service teams in hopes to make it exciting for developers who work on .NET apps to party in the cloud. You can find Brady on Twitter at @bradygaster when he's not learning with (or from) his 2 sons, tinkering with code, or making music in his basement using various synthesizers and guitars.

Scott Hunter

Scott Hunter is responsible for the Microsoft’s .NET platform, which includes .NET Framework, .NET Core, ASP.NET, Entity Framework, .NET Tools, Web Tools and the managed languages (C#, F# and VB). Prior to leading the .NET Platform, Hunter helped the Azure Developer Experience team build the Azure SDK’s, App Service Tooling, Azure Redis Cache, Azure API Management, ASP.NET, Entity Framework and the Web Tooling. In his spare time he loves hiking mountains in Washington State and around the world.