Room 9 

13:30 - 17:00 


Talk (210 min)

Understanding Azure API Management

APIs are the front door to our micro services. Sometimes we let requests just walk through, other times we do a full body check and give them some additional information on their way. This workshop will improve your understanding of Azure API Management. You will learn the basics, how you write policies, and how you maintain Azure API Management. After this workshop, you should be able to implement Azure API Management into your architecture. We will walk through a typical use case where we use Azure API Management to migrate services from traditional on-prem to cloud-native Azure on AKS and Azure Functions. Within the first part of this workshop, you will be able to handle simple http queries and forward them to our on-prem backend service. In the second part we will dive into policies and see how we can switch from on-prem to our new cloud-native services. In the final part, we look at how we can maintain Azure API Management through backup and restore before we wrap up. The target audience is API developers and architects that want to deep-dive into this service. There will be lots of hands-on with Powershell and C#. If you want to follow the instructions on your computer, you should bring your laptop with an active Azure account, installed PowerShell with Az module and a Git client. It is assumed that you have some basic understanding of APIs, basic Azure knowledge, and some interest in coding.


Sven Malvik

Sven is Head of Cloud Platform at Vipps and Microsoft Azure MVP. His job is to ensure that Vipps builds a solid, secure, and flexible foundation in Azure that the developers want to use. He has spoken at conferences like Microsoft Build, Javazone Oslo, Tech X Oslo as part of the keynote, and various Meetup groups. He is also awarded with the Microsoft Azure Community and Content Hero Badger.