201 B 

10:00 - 17:00 


2 Days

Simple by Design: Declutter Your Architecture, Code and Test

A hands-on, minds-on and conversations-on workshop on application architecture and code design, made for the restless, inquisitive and creative minds.

How could we deal with the explosion of code, services and applications? How do we stay clear, sane and confident when faced with the myriads of languages, frameworks, conventions and cults?

Only with simplicity in thinking, designing and communicating.

This workshop is for you if you ever question or or feel confused about popular (including "enterprise") practices, teachings, or conflicting paradigms, and seek to rise above and go beyond.

We'll build an easy but "typical" application together in a few stages. For each stages, there are choices to be made on code design. Gradually, patterns appear, ideas surface, conversations rise, and we shall arrive at something very clear.

Topics include,

  • the economy of design, code and testing
  • rethink classes and methods
  • rethink data and code
  • rethink readability
  • rethink unit testing and mocking
  • rethink dependency injection and composition
  • rethink layering in architecture
  • rethink integration testing
  • rethink Object-Oriented Programming

Through this workshop you will get a clear idea on how to architect, code and test for simplicity. But beware! Your architectural bias or preferences can be challenged.


  • .NET Core - we'll be coding in plain C# (no fancy features). You'll manage even if this is not your daily language.
  • An open mind

As usual, this workshop features unexpected tangents - often as inspirational as the main content.

See you there!

Hackle Wayne

Often considered an instigator of controversy, Hackle advocates programming as a thinking game; he strives for simplicity and elegance, and enjoys sharing his learnings in pragmatic, idiomatic and accessible ways.